about me 

Jason Began his career on the East Coast and through apprenticeship earned both a barber and cosmetology license. In his years of experience as a hair designer he has created styles from east coast to west coast as well as in Holland. His unique and innovative work has been seen on television, film, and in print. Jason’s education as well as his experience is boundless and includes working with top education companies, commanding high profile shows, and developing trend collections and formats. Jason draws his inspiration from fashion, music, and architecture: building upon his art school background. Jason is proud to be a Top Stylist for Wella Professional. He is regarded as both cutting-edge and an integral part of the hair industry.

O.K. now in my own words, it started in 1971, Mercy hospital, Baltimore Md. “Its a boy”! We moved in with my grandmother due to my father being in Asia for the war. Dad came home and we moved to Jersey, yep I was on the Jersey shore back in 71, Ocean Grove to be specific. Than back to B-More. Next thing you know I am taking apart the screen door and building shapes out of anything and everything I can find. Next I am building bikes and giving them custom paint jobs, then it was the skate ramps and custom graphics on my surf and skate boards.  In middle school the only class I enjoy (except gym, love the sports) is art. By the time high school hit I was working on my own style in fashion, music, art, and sports… Mrs. Delisio my freshman art teacher got me pumped up and I started dwelling into subcultures; listening to punk rock and hip-hop, skating everyday, creating my own wardrobe, and than I cut my own hair. I move to Fells Point with this guy Stumpy Joe, a sick musician, work at a live music club, write everyday, go to art school, and cut my whole crews hair. Next I meet this guy Hep, who owns this sweet boutique hair studio, cool art, lots of tats(back in 1990), great music, Harley’s parked in the salon and of course beautiful girls, he offers me an apprenticeship (thanks Hep). 23 Years, lots of tattoos, thousands of days of boarding, gallons of paint, books of words, and millions of inches of hair later, my passion is still creating a custom image. Let me help create yours!

I have recently been awarded MVPHD (Most Valuable Professional Hairdresser) by the Wella Company, and recently featured in such publications as Initiatives, Beauty Buzz, Behind the Chair and Hairbrained.