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Jason Schwind

Designer • Educator • Colorist


Jason Schwind has been a staple in the hair profession with over twenty years of global experience. He is a renowned international educator and is an expert in both classic and modern shapes, color, blonding and mens grooming. Jason’s portfolio includes runway, television, film, and print work in such magazines as American Salon, Launch Pad, and Elle. He  draws his inspiration from fashion, art, architecture, and furniture/auto design. Jason has recently been featured in such publications as Initiatives, Beauty Buzz, Behind the Chair and Hairbrained.  Jason has been a pioneer of unguarded razor cutting in women's hair.  Jason is currently available at The Side Door Salon in Boulder Colorado 303-927-6081.




Jason Schwind

351 Hudson St

Denver Co 80220

Tel: 303-478-7892​

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